GSZ. 1. type rolling shelving for archives/records

This product is very respected by the customers due to the 20 years of manufacturing experience and the continuous improvements we’ve implemented over these years. The system is capable of holding large quantities of files in an organized manner allowing an easy access and allowing them to be moved easily.

When building the system we take into account the customized requirements, since we have to apply custom sizes due to the different spaces the shelving systems are built into.


System components


One cabinet has 4 rails. The bottom plate is bolted to the ground. The cabinet slides on a 16 x 16 mm square steel welded to the bottom plate which is tied to the anti-trip device. This device aids the loading and unloading of the cabinet content


The Under-carriage slides on 4 pairs of wheels on the rails fastened to the floor. The shelf is driven by a manual wheel. By turning the wheel you also drive the 2 x 4 wheels on the rail that also allows the carriage to move without swinging.

The movement and drive of the undercarriage makes this product to stand out from all the similar products on the market.

The easy movement of the cabinets is given by the double decelerating transmission. The wheel fastened to the side of the cabinet has a serrated plate which makes it possible to freeze the cabinet in every position in order to avoid accidents.


Each of the posts fastened to the undercarriage consists of 4 pcs of perforated parts. The shelves sit on holders made of flat steel wich connect to the perforated plate through welded stud. The shelves have brace plates to achieve the 100 kg load bearing.

The distance between shelves can be adjusted with 25 mm increments, depending on objects to be stored on the shelves. The edges and the top of the cabinets as well as the drive-chain are covered with sheet metal. The label holders placed onto each cabinet makes it very easy to organize the files in the cabinets and the documents will be easy to find after they’ve been filed.

There are rolling guides mounted to the top of the multi layered cabinets, which stop the cabinets from tipping over. Each cabinet has 4 bumper stops which don’t allow the cabinets to be mechanically damaged.

The surface of the shelving systems is treated with electrostatic powder coating.